Our new neighborhood: Jing’an

Our new neighborhood: Jing’an

Our apartment and its neighborhood

The lease has been signed and if everything goes according to plan, I can already move in this weekend. That leaves some time to prepare everything until our air freight gets here. Once I get the key, I will of course take some pictures of the view from our 17th floor window.

We will be living in a residential area in the city center, you can see it highlighted in the map. The district is called Jing’an and just a little more than 320.000 people live there. Only half the people that live in Stuttgart – but with more than 14 times more people per square kilometer. The apartment is just south of the Yan’an Elevated Road, which is the road that cuts through the southern tip of Jing’an.

That leaves us close to districts like the French Concession or Xintiandi, and very close to sights like the Jing’an temple. In the area around the apartment are many bars and small boutiques were designer sell their own clothes.

The tour

I did a quick tour through this southern tip of Jing’an. Basically, I walked around the closest block to our soon-to-be apartment. Some of the shots turned out a little blurry, because it was getting dark already and I didn’t have a tripod with me. Hopefully, it’ll still give a good impression of the neighborhood.

After I got back to the start of my tour, I made a short pit-stop at a roof top bar. From there it is just a 3 minute walk to the compound and I wanted to take some pictures from a different perspective as well. You cannot really see the compound, because it is hidden behind some high rise buildings in the front.

Jing’an is much bigger, especially once you cross the Yan’an elevated road in the north. More pictures will follow soon!

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