First week in Shanghai

First week in Shanghai

On Monday my 3 suitcases and I landed in Shanghai which means it’s been almost a week since I moved to China. Time for an update.

Since my first day of work was on Thursday I was able to spend 3 days to get settled and get used to the time change. We were pretty busy from the moment I arrived: The first order of business was to get a local SIM card and a bank account, which means I signed about 20 Chinese documents. So far everything works fine, let’s see if one day someone will claim my first-born child :). A few days later I got my new phone – I have also crossed over to the dark side and am now an iPhone user. I’m still trying to get the hang of all the apps. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be just as fast as Thorben to whip out my Alipay to pay for stuff or turn my destination into a taxi card to show to cab drivers.

We also built up some of the missing furniture which was delivered on Monday (okay, Thorben built it and I handed him screws) and I unpacked.  It looks like all the bathroom stuff I brought won’t just last until Christmas but for a couple of years. I have a feeling the chocolate won’t make it quite so long.

We explored our neighborhood a bit, and walked along the Bund and around Xintiandi, the neighborhood I fell in love with during our info trip in January. We first wanted to move there but in the end Jing’An made more sense and is closer to work. All in all I’m pretty happy with where we ended up. What a relief, as I had only seen pictures before the lease was signed :). Both the apartment and neighborhood are great.  Thorben has already found a good fruit stand and the lady there is practicing Chinese numbers with him whenever he picks up more fruit, so almost every day.

The weather has been mostly pleasant so far but you can tell we are moving into the really hot season. The air quality has mostly been good, except on Thursday morning, where we wore face masks on the way to work. Of course we had to document the experience with a selfie.

And before this post becomes too long, just a few more things that happened:

  • I got my first Chinese foot massage (I think I’ll have to try several before I can give a detailed review :).)
  • We ate some dumplings, had Thai food, a couple Sherpa delivery meals and tried Cantonese dim sums.
  • We had a little water tasting and found a winner :).
  • We signed up at a gym and I went there once. (Thorben has gone 3 times. Show off.)
  • I already logged 3 Mobike rides. Yes, really.

On my first Saturday we took a day trip to Zhujiajiao with 2 new friends but I’ll let Thorben write about it.

4 Replies to “First week in Shanghai”

  1. Marina, ni hao. Wie war noch dein äußerst bescheidener chinesischer Name? Was hat das mit dem water tasting auf sich? #alreadymissyou #dontforgetyourchakra

    1. Ni hao! Das mit dem chinesischen Namen muss ich mal noch mit meinen Kollegen abklaeren, ich werde dann berichten 🙂 Wir haben mal getestet, welches Wasser hier gut ist, die uns bekannten sind hier ziemlich teuer 🙂 #chakra #powerhouse

  2. Looks like fun and we always knew you would end up with an iphone😝 By the time we visit you will have it all figured out!

  3. Loved reading your post! Makes me want to visit you soon! Oh and I always went for Nongfu Spring water 🙂

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