Our air freight is here!

Our air freight is here!

After living pretty minimalistic for 2 months our air freight was finally delivered yesterday. All 25 boxes of it. 5 people from the moving company came at 9:30 and after 35 minutes everything but our clothes was unpacked and placed on various surfaces for me to put away. (Thorben is in Japan until tonight, smart planning by him.) I am still amazed by the amount of stuff we have, mainly the amount of clothes I still own even after throwing away a ton before I came. I’m sure at one point I will be glad I brought 12 pairs of sweats/pj pants 🙂

The greatest thing about the air freight is having my own pillow and blanket back. I had no idea how much I would miss it. And the vacuum cleaner. Sweeping just isn’t very effective. It’s the small joys in life.

On the down side, now that we have all of our kitchen equipment back we are out of excuses for ordering in or going out for every meal. 🙂 Oh well …

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