The Avocado Lady

The Avocado Lady

Last week after work I went exploring by myself a bit since Thorben was in Japan. I went to a mystical place I had read about on a couple Shanghai expat blogs  – the store of the Avocado Lady. Apparently she became famous for selling good avocados at a decent price to expats back when they were hard to find /quite expensive. Now she has a lot of fresh veggies and fruit and most importantly imported goods in her store.

When I first saw the stand from the outside it didn’t look very big or very impressive but when I walked in I was amazed at the selection and sheer quantity of products stuffed into the small space. By amazed I mean I wandered around for 20 minutes staring. There are tons of fruit and veggies, herbs, canned goods, hygiene products, cereal, whine, bread, meats, fish, baking supplies, chocolate … and 2 big fridges loaded with dairy products and cheese.

After only 3 weeks my western food cravings weren’t too big but I still got some bagles, cheese, peanut butter and fruit. I’m sure I’ll be back many more times (with Thorben so he can haul my goodies home).

To celebrate this awesome discovery I then went and got a manicure and pedicure :).

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