Weekend Adventures or That Time we crashed a Chinese Wedding

Weekend Adventures or That Time we crashed a Chinese Wedding

On Saturday afternoon I met Shane, a good friend of one of my best friends back home, for the first time. She is from Shanghai and showed me around the city. (“Trust me, I’m a local.”) We had a really fun day, here are some of the highlights:
The air was really clear and the weather was great so she showed me a fantastic view. It’s a secret where it is, so I can’t tell you but you can appreciate this awesome picture I took:

We also went to People’s Park, where the marriage market is. There, a lot of people sit with signs posted on umbrellas detailing someone’s age, height, salary and other useful information trying to find them someone to marry. Shane translated some for me but none of them convinced me to leave Thorben ;). All the people there where pretty old and Shane told me that often it is the parents or relatives who want their kids to get married so they take things into their own hands.

When we wandered around we saw a cool building and went to have a closer look. You could just go into the gate and walk over to a small park and inside the park there was a wedding going on. (It looked like the ceremony was already over.) So of course we sat down somewhere in the background and observed a bit 🙂 Leaving the park we saw a sign about the wedding so Yang and Rourou: Congratulations and I wish you lots of happiness!

No day is complete without good food so we went to dinner at a restaurant that served Yunnan cuisine. Shane took my “Just order what you like, I want to try some different things.” very serious so I got to taste quite a variety. My favorite was a cold noodle dish with beef, chicken and veggies, but the pineapple salad, fish and okra where also really good. And I also liked the kiwi avocado drink I had to get because some of the food was pretty spicy. I’m still working on my spice level tolerance 🙂

Yes, there were only two of us …

Speaking of the weekend and food, of course I also ate on Friday and Sunday. Friday night after work I went to a Cantonese restaurant with Pearl. She ordered all her family’s favorite dishes so I tried pidgeon for the first time. Once you get over the fact that it is looking at you (Thank you, Pearl for quickly hiding the head) the meat is really good 🙂 We also had 2 shrimp dishes, fried turnips and sweet buns with an egg yolk sugar filling. After burning a few calories through shopping we got some mango desserts.

After I finished unpacking and organizing the kitchen on Sunday I met a friend I know through university and his girlfriend in Tiánzǐ Fāng. Tianzi Fang is an old residential area in the French Concession with many small alleyways that now house lots of shops, galleries, restaurants and bars. It is pretty touristy and crowded but still fun to walk around in. We had some pretty good Indian food at a restaurant there.

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