I’m famous!

I’m famous!

I still have to catch up on blogging from the past 2 weekends but before I do I couldn’t wait any longer to let you know that I seem to be famous in Shanghai. On Saturday 5 people asked to take a picture with me, so that’s pretty much the same thing, right? 🙂

In the 5 weeks that I have been living in Shanghai that was the first time it happened. There are lots of foreigners living here so usually no one cares. That’s why I was laughing when my friend from Germany (here for a week on a business trip) got asked for a picture (twice!) and told him that has never happened to me here. … 3 minutes later it happened to me. And again 5 minutes later. Shane snapped a picture of one of the occurrences. Too bad I didn’t get one of the selfie with the cat filter or the one that made us both look 30 years older.

I guess I better make sure I look presentable every time I leave the house now. Wouldn’t want to disappoint the fans 😉

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