Rainy season

Rainy season

We are in the middle of rainy season or for me hot, humid, frizzy hair season. It’s been over 30 degrees for more than a week now and it’s almost constantly really humid. The rain doesn’t cool anything down, it just increases the humidity. Thank God for air conditioners.

Complaining about the weather is a common topic of conversation. My favorite line so far was: “There are two seasons in Shanghai – uncomfortable and more uncomfortable.” A couple of weeks ago a coworker told me that now it won’t stop raining until the end of July. I kind of expected epic downpours lasting for days but it hasn’t been quite that bad. It does rain a lot Β and sometimes pretty heavily but there are also whole days when it doesn’t rain or it last for a few hours, sometimes only minutes and then stops. When I mentioned that rainy season didn’t seem sooo horrible I was told that there are still 3 typhoons coming, so we’ll see how it goes.

One weekend when it rained a lot we went to IKEA to get some stuff for the apartment, mainly plants. I wish I had some crazy/funny/weird stories to tell but really it was just like all the other IKEAs I have been to. Crowded on a Saturday and full of fun items you didn’t know you needed until you see them πŸ™‚ All the things have the same Swedish names so Thorben has managed to order from the otherwise only in Chinese online store (they don’t deliver plants, hence the trip).

On that same rainy weekend we also had a board game day and met up with some people at a bar to play games. Even in the rain you can get everything delivered so when we were in need of some snacks we ordered some chocolate and caramel popcorn πŸ™‚

Other favorite rainy day activities include going to the gym (Thorben), getting manicures and pedicures (me, so cheap here and so fun) and going out to eat (also me, like I am doing right now) πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve been keeping up with all of your adventures. We are finally all moved into our rental and perhaps I can catch up on things finally. Sure enjoy all of your posts!!

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