Yuyuan Old Street

Yuyuan Old Street

Last weekend Benedikt, who I went to university with, arrived in Shanghai for a business trip. With only a few days to spend here we focused on some of the main tourist sights. After Brunch in the French Concession, which he got a good glimps of also because I managed to get us a little lost, we went to Xintiandi and Tianzi Fang. In the evening we met up with Shane and walked around a park and saw a fountain show with some Chinese music. This was also were we encountered the paparazzi. After all that sightseeing we met some¬† friends of Shane for delicious Shaanxi food. On Sunday¬†we got some Shanghainese street food (I love fried dumplings!) with Pearl and walked along the bund as it was getting dark. Even after seeing it a few times the view never gets old, especially when it’s lit up at night.

After the Bund we walked over to Yuyuan Old Street. I haven’t been there so it was nice to explore something new. The architecture is quite a contrast to the modern Pudong skyline and looks much more traditionally Chinese. According to my guide book those are renovated buildings from the Qing dynasty. There are tons of shops and food places there and it is right next to Yuyuan Gardens (where I also haven’t been), so I’m sure I’ll be back with more visitors.

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