An American weekend

An American weekend

Friday night I went to Shane’s farewell dinner as she’ll spend the next few weeks abroad. We ate lots of New York style pizza at a place called New York Pizza. It was cheesy and delicious. The Chinese way of eating pizza is a little … interesting. Throwing lots of chilli flakes and Tabasco sauce on the pizza so you can’t see the pizza anymore just isn’t my thing but to each his own 🙂

Somehow American became the theme of my weekend. Saturday morning I met a friend at Mr. Pancake for some delicious American breakfast. Afterwards we got our nails done. They used OPI polish at the salon so I think that counts as American (and also so far I’ve only gotten pedicures in the US) 🙂

To stick with the motto (and maybe also because I don’t have anything else in the house) I just had bread with peanut butter and an apple for breakfast this morning. Not pictured: the delicious Italian food and whine I had last night when I went out 🙂

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