Travel plans

Travel plans

One of the reasons I was excited to move to Shanghai is its location. There are so many places I want to visit that are now so close or at least much closer than from home. However, the list is very very long. In China I want to go to Beijing and the Great Wall, visit the Pandas in Chengdu, look at the Terracotta Army in Xi’An, see the mountains in Zhangjiajie that inspired the movie Avatar, take the train to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing …

And then just a short flight away there are Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos … The travel time to Australia and New Zealand is only half from here and even Hawaii is only 9 hours away. There are 222 cities that can be reached through a direct flight from Shanghai (at least that’s what google tells me) so how do I choose?

Even with 30 days of vacation a year plus some Chinese holidays, 3 years suddenly feels like very little time to do even a small part of it. Especially if I factor in going home every year and also continuing to visit my American family.

Thorben has been on a business trip for the past 10 days so I’ve started planning and booking. He said that I can be in charge of the rest of this year’s vacations, let’s see if he ends up regretting that when he realizes there will be very little hiking involved in our trips 🙂

So here is the plan for the next 3 months (the part I already booked, maybe we can also squeeze in a little weekend trip here and there):

  • 4 days in Seoul, South Korea in August
  • 5 days in Beijing in September to see the city and do a tiny bit of hiking on the Great Wall
  • 3 days in Hongkong and 4 days in Taipei over Golden Week (a week long Chinese holiday)

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