Goodies from Home

Goodies from Home

While I’m still a little mad that Thorben went to Germany without me, at least I got to order some stuff he brought back 🙂 So this is the very random stuff I wanted after 5 weeks in China:

  • Fertilizer for our plants – recommended by my dad, who has a green thumb, when I told him I was afraid to kill all our plants 
  • Home made jam from my mom
  • Mustard – in case we ever start to cook here 
  • Spelt flour and vanilla beans – couldn’t find those on the international grocery store website and will need them for baking (which I will do again as soon as it gets cooler)
  • Birkenstock – somehow I developed the weird urge to walk around Shanghai in Birkenstock, no idea why, never really had any before (they may or may not have given me a blister today)
  • Work out shirts because apparently I go to the gym now and international brands are more expensive here
  • Fitted sheet for our bed – couldn’t find one at IKEA 
  • Wet wipes – forgot to bring them, usually always have some in my purse (I didn’t specify quantity so that’s what Thorben thinks is a good amount)

What Thorben brought for himself: Boxing gloves. 

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