The Lion King

The Lion King

On Wednesday at 3:52 pm Pearl texted me and it went something like this:

“Hi Marina, what are you doing tonight?”

“I thought about maybe going to the gym.”

“I just got two tickets for the Lion King!”

“That’s so cool! It’s in Chinese though, right?”

“Is it? Let me check, oh yes :(”

“I still want to see it! 🙂 Where and what time?”

“It’s at Disneyland at 7 pm, so it’s quite a hurry. I have to meet my friend there who has the tickets. Let’s meet at Jing’An Temple at 5.”

“At 5?! I’m leaving work right now!”

So within 1 hour I had left work (literally ran out the door), jumped in a taxi, went home, changed, grabbed some water and a snack, biked to the metro, met Pearl and off we were to Disneyland. I’m still quite proud of myself for that achievement :).

Disneyland in Shanghai opened in 2016 and even has its own metro station. As soon as we got off the train it already felt like we were on vacation just being surrounded by the atmosphere. The theater is located in Disney Village (lots of stores and restaurants) next to the park and we even had time to grab some hot dogs before the show.

I have always wanted to see the Lion King Musical but never thought I’d watch it for the first time in China :). The show was really great, I loved the costumes and the set – so colorful, creative and with so much attention to detail. The actors were awesome as well, the little kids playing Simba and Nala were so cute and the guy who played scar as well as the women who played Rafiki were fantastic. I always had the cartoon version in front of me and recognized most of the songs and so it was easy to follow along even not really understanding any of the dialogue.

Before it started Pearl gave me quick overview of the characters: Xīn bā is Simba, Nà nà is Nala, Mù fǎ shā is Mufasa, so easy enough (Scar is Dāo bā, oh well). Hakuna Matata is also Hakuna Matata in the Chinese version by the way ;).

I probably would have never thought to go to a Musical in Chinese but you can’t beat free tickets and we even had really good seats in row 8 right next to the aisle. We had a great time and I’m glad Pearl’s friend’s boss couldn’t make it 🙂


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