An Internations Brunch

An Internations Brunch

Having brunch on the weekend seems to be a favorite activity in Shanghai. A lot of restaurants offer brunch specials and many hotels have brunch buffets, often with free flow champagne. The brunches at fancy hotels often cost 100 and more. Though we can eat a lot, I’m not confident enough in our abilities to eat food worth this amount of money in one sitting 🙂

On Saturday there was an InterNations event to have breakfast at Wanda Reign on the Bund, a (self-rated) 7 star hotel that opened at the end of 2016. They have a breakfast special going on until the end of the year, so for 150 RMB (19 €) you can eat as much as you can manage and tea, coffee and juice are also included. The hotel lobby is pretty impressive and so was the breakfast buffet.

InterNations is an expat community we both joined when moving to Shanghai. There are different groups which organize events so you can meet people. Once a month there is a newcomers event, there is an event at a different bar each Friday night and now we are also members of the Brunch and Lunch Group which regularly meets to eat, so of course we had to sign up 🙂

We had a lot of fun at the breakfast talking to people from all over the place, for example we met someone from New Caledonia (had to look it up on a map first: it’s a French territory in the South Pacific).

On Sunday we went out for brunch again and had 3 delicious courses at Le Saleya, the French restaurant close to us (I already wrote about it but the food is just so pretty). Yes, we also went to the gym that weekend 😉

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