A murder mystery dinner

A murder mystery dinner

On Wednesday I went to a murder mystery dinner which was organized by someone we met through InterNations. The story we played was called “Murder in Manhattan”. After signing up we each got a character and some information about our background, some instructions and gossip on the other participants.

I played Helen, a fashion designer, so my instructions were to wear something avant-garde and unusual yet tasteful that I can say I designed myself. Right … Though I brought many clothes nothing really fit that description so I just went with a black dress. Not very avant-garde but tasteful and I guess me wearing heels and lipstick can count as unusual 🙂 Thorben had to go out of town, so Pearl took over his spot. That meant she was playboy Chester but she pulled it off with one of Thorben’s ties and a little eyeliner beard.

The scene was that we were at an anniversary party of a successful New York businessman and he would make a special announcement at midnight. During the first act we were all talking to the other guests to find out their stories and exchange gossip but had to be careful not to reveal our secrets. Of course there was also some yummy food. Then suddenly the power went out and we discovered someone had been murdered!

In Act Two we got new information on our characters, had to look for clues and figure who the murderer was. It was really fun looking at the clues, coming up with theories and yelling out accusations. I was stuck between two and guessed wrong but hopefully I’ll be a better detective next time. We decided on a story set in the 1920s so I better start looking for an outfit 🙂

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