The Shanghai Supperclub

The Shanghai Supperclub

I read about the Shanghai Supperclub on another expat blog when I was doing research on life in Shanghai. They regularly have dinner parties and their slogan is “Stay hungry”. I’m always hungry and any opportunity to eat good food and meet new people who also love food sounds good to me. I signed up for the mailing list when we got here and so far we’ve been to 2 events.

The Social Table

The first one we went to was a “Social Table” event in June: According to the invitation it was the longest table they have ever had. It took place in a big tent outside of the Jing’An Kerry Center, so very convenient for us.

After a welcome cocktail we sat down and had a yummy 5 course dinner. They have a different chef every time and that time it was the chef of elEFANTE, a Spanish restaurant in Shanghai. It was quite an international crowd: Around us we had people from Mexico, France, China, Germany and Australia. The food was good and we had some interesting conversations.

A Supperclub dinner

The next invitation came in the beginning of August and it was for one of the traditional Supperclub dinners. Usually they have a dinner party every month and you can “apply” if you want to attend. Then they select 10 people and each person brings one guest so it’s 20 people in total. This time, if you were interested you had to reply to the question “If you were a cocktail, what would it be?” A guy we met there told us he has been to around 8 dinners in the past few years and he got invited every third to fourth time he signed up. So lucky us we got to go on our first try 🙂

The location changes every time and remains a secret until 2 days before the event. The August dinner was at Warehouse Cafe at Anken Air. We had a fun evening and met some nice people from all over: China, Hongkong, the UK, the US, Italy, Germany (we are everywhere) … The menu is also kept secret until you sit down at the table and read the card. Our chef was Jair Gudino Chavez from Mexico. He will be the head chef for Lago, an Italian place, which will be part of the Bellagio hotel (opening in September). The sneak peak we got was delicious so we’ll have to go check it out.

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