That time we tried to eat lung

That time we tried to eat lung

On Sunday night, after a busy day of shopping at the fabric market and an evening of games, we ordered some Taiwanese food. Pearl picked a bunch of different food, including her favorite: lung. After Thorben ate it and liked it, Ellie and I decided to give it a try. This is how it happened:

Stage 1: I’ll eat it if you eat it

Stage 2: Here we go!

Stage 3: It’s okay, it’s fine, I can do it … oh my god, it’s lung! Abort mission!

Stage 4: (after spitting it out) Urgh, never again!

It’s not that the taste was particularly bad (it was fried and with some spring onion) but the consistency together with the knowledge that it was lung just didn’t work for me. So I don’t think I’ll order it again any time soon (or ever). Sorry, Pearl!

Update: I just checked with Pearl so I could put the exact name of the dish in this post. Turns out it actually wasn’t lung but fried pork intestines. So I guess I have yet to try lung. Maybe. (Probably not.) 🙂

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  1. rofl. Reminded me some people have trouble eating fish because the entire fish has its eyes open and staring. But good for you, girl:D same thing for me where I cannot eat liver.

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