Some like it hot

Some like it hot

Last week I finally tried hot pot. I guess it is usually more of a cold weather experience but I felt after 3 months in China this was overdue. Ellie, Pearl and I went to Hai Di Lao Hot Pot, which is famous for its good service and has many locations. The service lived up to the hype, we got wet towels several times, hair ties and even aprons (though almost no one else was wearing those so we probably looked like dumb tourists). We “unfortunately” forgot to take the plastic roses the waiter brought us ;).

Hot pot is kind of like fondue, so you cook your food in oil or a soup and eat it with different dips. We went for the non spicy variety and got tomato soup and mushroom broth. You order with an iPad and can get all sorts of meats and veggies. We got some scallion pancakes to start with and then cooked fish, beef, bamboo, mushrooms, potato and lotus root. Everything we had was yummy, including the sesame sauce and the soy one Pearl mixed for us.

Something that was recommended by a colleague who has been there a few times is the Kung Fu Noodles. When you order them, a chef comes out of the kitchen and does a little show hand-pulling the noodles in front of you. Then you can cook them, I especially liked them in the mushroom broth. It’s both fun and delicious, so I’ll definitely get those again next time 🙂

To cool down after dinner we got some ice cream at a stand in the same mall. After taking a picture of us with my phone the vendor also took one with his, so maybe we’ll end up on an advertisement for this place 😉

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