Sister Act at the Shanghai Culture Square 

Sister Act at the Shanghai Culture Square 

On Saturday we went to the Shanghai Culture Square, which is just 1.5 km down the road from us, for the first time. It’s a cool building which was built to mostly show musicals and seats around 2000 people.

They often host traveling shows from Broadway which then play for only a few weeks. This year they already had Wicked and Bodyguard and right now they are showing Sister Act, which we went to see. The music and costumes were great and it was a fun evening. At least this time we can agree that we both really liked the performance 🙂

In comparison to Germany, it seemed to me that people dress much more casual and there were a lot more small children. I already noticed that at the Lion King but thought it might be like that because it’s at Disney but it looks like that’s just how it is in Shanghai. Also, they have a big screen on each side of the stage to show Chinese subtitles.

In November they’ll show “The Producers” for 2 weeks, then in late November/early December “Westside Story” is coming to Shanghai. I kind of want to see both, I’ll see what I can negotiate with Thorben 🙂

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