Eating Beijing Duck in Beijing

Eating Beijing Duck in Beijing

One thing I really wanted to do in Beijing was to eat Beijing duck. Because obviously 🙂

There are many restaurants to choose from, the most famous restaurant is called Da Dong and has many locations in Beijing. In walking distance from our hotel we found a “Taste of Da Dong”. It belongs to the chain, serves the same food, it’s just easier to get a table, the decor is more modern and apparently the food is also cheaper. So that is where we went.

We had some okra as an appetizer and ordered a whole roasted duck with condiments. First, we got some duck broth which was really good. Then the duck came out already sliced up and evenly distributed on 2 plates – so no fighting over food in this restaurant ;).  The way to eat it is to wrap the duck meat, together with sauces and veggies, into really thin pancakes. On the condiment plate there was also a compartment with sugar you can use for dipping. I was skeptical but surprisingly the combination of crispy duck skin and sugar is delicious.

I read they bring out the whole duck and slice it at your table at the original Da Dong, so we missed that part of the experience. The duck was still very good and that’s what matters 🙂 Apparently the duck menu also includes cotton candy as dessert, so we had some fun with that.

The next day, I read that there are even 2 Da Dong’s in Shanghai which have a Michelin star. So next time I’m craving some yummy roast duck I know where to go.

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