Happy Singles’ Day! 

Happy Singles’ Day! 

Today is Singles’ Day in China, and that means online shopping! 

It was started around 25 years ago by university students to celebrate being single, sort of an anti Valentine’s Day. The date 11/11 was chosen because of the many ones which represents a single individual. 

Alibaba, the biggest retailer in China has managed to turn it into a huge shopping holiday. If you’re single, you can just buy yourself lots of presents 🙂 That’s pretty clever marketing. Now it’s the biggest online shopping day in the world, bigger than Black Friday. Last year people spent around 18 BILLION US Dollars. 

There are lots of events, deals and advertisements everywhere (for example all over our metro station) and you can get great discounts at many stores. I don’t really need anything but that has never stopped me before 😉 Since Thorben is on a business trip again I might have to buy myself some presents and start getting things for Christmas. 

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