The downside of expat life

The downside of expat life

Being an expat in Shanghai is great. I love the city, the food, the travel opportunities … My least favorite thing, besides being far away from friends and family back home, is definitely that people are constantly leaving. Last week I had to say goodbye to my Shanghai BFF Ellie. We only met 4 months ago but something about being in the same situation far from home makes you get closer much faster.

Before I get too sappy … Thanks for all the brunches, lunches, dinners, fabric market trips, game days, trips to Gracie’s, metro rides home, British English lessons and the very random WeChat conversations, sometimes only consisting of stickers 🙂 I’ll really miss you and hope you don’t annoy people in England too much with your “Well, in China …” stories 😉

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  1. And you made my China experience so filled with fun. I love the photos! You’ve been keeping some of them hidden from me!
    See you in March xxx

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