2 days in Melbourne

2 days in Melbourne

Originally we planned 4 days in Melbourne but because we got sick we only left the hotel for 2 of those 4 days. While we missed out on a few things I wanted to do, we still had some fun times and great food in Melbourne.

Free Walking Tour

The first thing on our Melbourne itinerary was of course a free walking tour. We went with I’m Free Tours again, the same company we used in Sydney. As (almost) always, it was a fun, informative tour with lots of good recommendations.

Lane Ways

Though we only got to check out a few, the lane ways in Melbourne are fantastic. We had some delicious breakfast in Centre Place and also lunch at a different restaurant there.


ArtVo is a really cool museum/art gallery where you get to be part of the exhibits. It’s a really fun place to spend a couple hours and take lots of silly pictures, see below 🙂

Star Observation Wheel

The Melbourne Star is in the same complex as ArtVo, there was almost no one there so we thought why not. We got our own cabin and one spin takes around half an hour. There was a free audio tour playing so we even learned something.

Melbourne Museum

Our guide from the free walking tour highly recommended the Aboriginal Exhibit “Bunjilaka” so we headed over to the Melbourne Museum on the free tram. I’m not a big museum fan but this one was really cool. I really liked the Science & Life Gallery with a blue whale skeleton and the dinosaur walk. The “Bugs Alive!” part was super disgusting (but well done) and gave me shudders.

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