Shanghai Sights: Yu Garden

Shanghai Sights: Yu Garden

After a little … okay, a long break due to my recent trips, the recounting of the Shanghai Sights I visited with my parents continues. Today’s sight: Yu Garden.

Yu Garden is a Chinese Garden located in the old city center of Shanghai. It’s one of the most famous attractions in Shanghai and thanks to my parents I finally went. The area around it, Yuyuan Old Street, is super busy, even on a Monday. Thankfully, the garden was pretty quiet and we spent a relaxed hour walking around.

Here is a little picture collection, some from me and some from my dad’s camera:

Fun facts

Yu Garden is sometimes also called Yuyuan Garden. This translates to Yu Garden Garden, so it should either be called Yuyuan or Yu Garden.

The Zig Zag bridge leads to the main entrance of the garden. According to the recordings we listened to during the bike tour it was built like this to keep ghosts away and so you have more time to appreciate the view when crossing it.

The tea house in front of the garden is not only very pretty but also super expensive. Queen Elizabeth II. has enjoyed some tea there when she visited Shanghai. Maybe there is a relation between those 2 facts 🙂

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