Month: December 2018

Boozy Craft Club: Christmas Sweaters

Boozy Craft Club: Christmas Sweaters

In case anyone is wondering how the Boozy Christmas Sweater making went: It was great! A few weeks ago, Boramy and I signed up for the class at Craft’d (where I also did Screen Printing). They had so many fun ones for Christmas like Sew a Christmas Stocking, Christmas Candles, Making a Bauble Wreath or Christmas Calligraphy. We decided on the Christmas Sweater one, which was part of their Boozy Craft Club – that means we drank mulled wine while crafting 🙂

Since I’m not at all talented at drawing and we didn’t have any stencils, I decided on a Christmas tree with presents underneath. It was really fun and pretty simple once you’d decided on a design. All I had to do was cut out felt pieces and then stick them together with a hot glue gun. Those things are dangerous, but I managed not to burn myself too much. After Boramy finished her adorable reindeer sweater she made all the cute bows for my presents 🙂

And here is the final result after around an hour and a half. I think we did pretty well 🙂 I can’t wait for December 24th!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

On Sunday it was the first of advent and I was ready! Over the course of 3 weekends, I managed to make 6 types of Christmas cookies. A big thanks to my little elves Tim and Ellie, who made the baking even more fun!

Before going to Chifan for Charity a couple weeks ago, Tim and I made Nugatstangen and Orangenplätzchen. I finished the glazing and chocolate dipping on Sunday and also made Walnussbusserl.

The weekend after, I didn’t just bake pumpkin pies and pumpkin cookies for Thanksgiving, but also made Kokosmakronen on Saturday and Nuss-Marzipantaler on Sunday :).

Last week Ellie visited us for 4 days and we had a busy itinerary: Getting jianbing (repeatedly), enjoying her homemade scones, going to brunch, dinners and a comedy show. We also got to work and made a big batch of doppelt gefüllte Mürbchen with my mom’s amazing jam.

We finished them Saturday morning, so just in time for December and the first of advent! There is also a little advent decoration in our living room, so lots of holiday spirit all around. And of course the advent calendar my mom made me helps with that, too!

On Sunday, Boramy hosted a crafting afternoon, including Christmas tree decorating, Christmas music and hot chocolate. I supplied the cookies of course! We got very into the crafting and made some pretty awesome Christmas cards and gift labels, if I may say so myself 🙂

So that was Part I of the Christmas season in Shanghai. Up next: A “Boozy Christmas Sweater Making” class with Boramy tonight! Can’t wait!