Grünkohlessen in Shanghai!

Grünkohlessen in Shanghai!

An important activity on our weekends is hosting dinner parties. In January, I brought some special ingredients from Germany to cook a traditional dish mostly known in the North of Germany. Grünkohl!

It’s kale, but not in it’s currently preferred healthy, almost raw form. It’s kale cooked for hours with cured pork belly (Bauchspeck), cured pork neck (Kassler), pork sausages (Kochwurst) and a special oat-pork-sausage (Pinkel). I think I brought around 5kg of meat to make the dish.

As a dessert we had ‘Rote Grütze mit Vanille Soße’, red fruit jelly with vanilla sauce.

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  1. I can not read your post because the photos cover up the print. I will have to try something different. Hope you guys are having a wonderful new year so far.

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