Month: February 2019

Skydiving in New Zealand: That time we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane

Skydiving in New Zealand: That time we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane

We got back from New Zealand on Sunday and there is so much to tell, pictures to be uploaded, memories to be shared … but first things first: We jumped out of a plane! Voluntarily! And we lived to tell about it 🙂

Originally, we wanted to jump over Fox Glacier about half way into our trip. After getting all suited up, doing the security briefing, practicing the right body shape for the jump – the banana – it got cancelled because it was too cloudy.

We didn’t take that as a bad sign and booked again a few days later in Queenstown. After signing all the documents and a 20 minute ride to the drop zone, I realized there were no clouds to take mercy on me that day 😉 My instructor introduced himself like this “Hi, I’m Paul and I’ll be throwing you out of an airplane today.” Words I like to hear … He was really great and reassuring, I never really felt like I might die, even though I have to admit I was a teeny tiny bit scared.

We booked the 12,000 feet jump, but because some people on our plane were doing a 4-way jump at 15,000, all of us got to go from there. Paul kept showing me the altitude on his watch and at 3,000 ft I felt like we should start already because it looked so high! The last few thousand feet we even used oxygen masks. Moving to the open door of a plane and leaning out is slightly terrifying. Did I mentioned that 4.5 KILOMETERS is really high? But since we’d already paid, there was no going back at that point 😉

The free fall took about a minute (or so they said – it felt like we were falling for a long time!) and after Paul opened the parachute I even got to steer it by myself for a bit. Overall, it was a really cool experience and I’m glad we got to tick it off the bucket list in such a beautiful place.

And here is the whole thing in pictures, including the amazing 360 degree views over Queenstown and the not so amazing views of me in my fetching skydiving outfit: