Month: February 2020

Incredible India – Part I

Incredible India – Part I

It has been almost 3 weeks since I got back from my trip to India so it’s time to try putting this adventure into words. True to it’s slogan, India was really incredible: Incredibly beautiful, chaotic, interesting, noisy, colorful, dirty, fascinating, unique and crazy. So many different impressions and contrasts, I’m really glad I went and got to experience it.

First things first: I got to see the Taj Mahal and it was amazing! Seeing one of the Wonders of the World was one of the reasons I wanted to do this trip and it was even better than I thought.

It was my first trip by myself, so I was a little nervous. In order for my solo trip not to turn into an all-alone-trip, and because I was a bit intimidated (okay, a lot) by India, I signed up for a group tour through G Adventures. Within one week, we covered the Golden Triangle, which consists of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

Day 1: Delhi and Meeting the Travel Crew

I arrived in Delhi on Thursday night, got picked up at the airport and then went straight to the hotel and to sleep. My first impression was mixed, so I was a bit worried if this trip was the right decision. Spoiler: it 100% was. The 7 days that followed were fantastic 🙂

Lodi Garden

In the morning of my first full day in India, I was scared to leave the hotel by myself but thankfully 2 other girls from my group had arrived early as well and together with them I ventured out. Nothing really went as planned, but in the end we still had a great day. We wanted to go to the Red Fort and India Gate, but wound up at Lodi Garden since our Taxi driver insisted we go there. We tried to argue but in the end we went with the flow and it was really nice.

First Indian Food

After exploring the garden, we went back to the hotel and decided to do a late lunch at Kitchen with a Cause, a project that was recommended by G Adventures. We had great lassis, curry, naan and rice, a great culinary start to the trip. During the day with company, the area around us still seemed chaotic, but much less scary 🙂

Meeting the Group

In the evening we had our welcome meeting and got to know everyone in the group. We were a total of 14 people from all over: England, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to be exact, and me as the only German, thankfully 🙂 Our guide Mo from Jaipur, gave us an outlook on the week and took us for dinner.

Cheers to new friends! 🙂

Day 2: More of Delhi and Drive to Agra

Streets of Delhi

We started our second day in Delhi by exploring its streets. Our guide came from the project City Walk, which belongs to a trust helping children. He showed us their headquarter and also told us about the life of street children in Delhi and all over India.

Jama Mosque

Our next stop was Jama Mosque in Old Delhi. We wandered around the buildings and the huge courtyard and also climbed one of the towers. The view was really nice – we managed to see the Red Fort from above after failing to get there the day before 🙂 According to a sign, “unaccompanied woman and child are not allowed to visit the tower” but thankfully Ben, one of 2 men from our travel group, escorted us and made sure we did not get into any trouble 😉

Sikh Temple

Our next stop was a Sikh Temple, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib to be exact. We visited the inside where people were chanting and then saw the kitchen. Every day volunteers prepare free meals for thousands of people. Anyone is welcome to help and also to have food there.

Afterwards, we got some pakoras and samosas for lunch and drove to Agra, where we had more delicious Indian food for dinner. Paneer twice a day is never a bad idea 🙂

Day 3: The Taj Mahal and other Agra Gems

The Taj Mahal

Day 3 was definitely the most anticipated day for me: it started with a morning at the Taj Mahal. I can’t even really put it into words. It was pretty surreal seeing it in person and we got so incredibly lucky with the weather. No fog, not much smog, and sunshine with a bright blue sky. I pretty much smiled the whole morning and took way too many pictures. Thankfully, the girls from my group indulged me in snapping all of the touristy shots I wanted 🙂

Agra Fort

Agra Fort, our second stop, was really beautiful as well. Surprisingly, one of the things I liked most about the trip was that I was not prepared. I roughly knew the agenda but because it was so close to Christmas, it just snuck up on me and I didn’t really do any research. That meant that basically every day my mind was blown by all the sights we saw and different things we got to experience. Agra Fort was one of them. Having zero expectations walking in just meant that around every corner was something new and beautiful to see.

We also had fun taking silly group photos – the theme was supposed to be “boy band album cover” or “Beverly Hills 90210” 🙂

Baby Taj

The Baby Taj was another surprise. According to our guide Mo, it’s a small, really beautiful and underrated monument that often gets forgotten next to the much much bigger Taj Mahal. He was definitely right. It was really peaceful and so pretty there. Walking around barefoot in the warm afternoon sun made it even better.

Marble inlaying

After a fantastic day of sightseeing, we stopped by a workshop that does marble inlaying, the same technique which was used on the Taj Mahal marble. It was really interesting to see. The amount of work that goes into each piece is crazy.

Another Dinner with a Cause

For dinner, we headed to Sheroes Hangout Cafe, a place run by acid attack survivors. Before we had dinner, they showed a video about the incredible women who work there and their stories. The food was delicious and knowing we were dining for a good cause made it even better. It was also the evening I earned the reputation for being the … let’s call it “most hungry” person in the group. Somehow, everyone was suddenly done and I ended up finishing all of our food. Even our waitress was impressed and cheered me on 😉

To be continued …