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So, last month I turned thirty. The big 3-0. I think I’m still not ready but I am ready to share some pictures 🙂 My birthday wasn’t as I had planned, but nonetheless, it was a really good one. I’m very glad that despite this whole COVID-19 mess I could still do some fun things and celebrate with amazing people. I know many people aren’t that lucky this year.

The celebration encompassed 3 parts: A night at the W hotel, a small birthday dinner on the actual day and a big birthday party the weekend after.

A little Staycation

We came back from our week-long China trip the day before my birthday and went straight to the W. They still had the same package going on that we enjoyed in March: Happy hour, massages and breakfast, so this is where I turned 30. Our room overlooked the Bund and the Pearl tower – and that view never gets old. At midnight, we had cake and champagne with my family over WeChat video. Definitely the coolest cake I’ve had so far 🙂

The next day, I got a special birthday pancake and we spent a bit of time by the pool. Pretty good start to the day, I’d say.

Birthday Dinner

In the evening, we had dinner at our place. Thorben cooked and I made appetizers and cocktails. The pineapple-tini might just be my new favorite drink! It was a really fun and yummy night with friends. And yes, one should always wear a tiara on their birthday 🙂

Thankfully, I had the next day off – both to recover and to have lunch with Tim, who had archery duties the night before.

Birthday Party

The weekend after, I celebrated again with the whole gang at Tacolicious, my favorite taco place in Shanghai. Fitting to the occasion, I think we were exactly 30 people. My VIPs from Germany and Singapore were definitely missed, so I was happy to have almost all of my Shanghai VIPs there 🙂 We had loads of good food and margaritas and a lot fun with a polaroid camera.

The night went on at a salsa party, another club and ended with 3 am pizza – none of it documented thankfully 😉 I think I just might have to have another big party next year!

Friends, food and fun – our summer

Friends, food and fun – our summer

According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, summer is already over and fall started on August 7. The weather doesn’t seem to care about that and my app says it will still be above 30 degrees for the foreseeable future. Still, I thought I’d take this opportunity to recap our summer a bit, since we’ve been a bit lazy with the blogging.

This year, the weather was a tiny bit cooler than last year with the hottest day being “only” 38 degrees. It was still really hot and often also really humid. Just walking from the taxi to the office feels like exercise when it’s already 34 degrees at 8am.

So far we’ve had 4 typhoon warnings but mostly we got lucky and Shanghai didn’t get hit very hard. They did bring lots of rain and some wind for a day or two each time, especially during the last one it was pouring like crazy. I wish I could have sent some of that rain to Germany.

Besides sweating, our summer was filled with hanging out with friends, brunches, dinners, movie nights, parties and dinner parties. After we already had German and Swiss night, we enjoyed some home cooked Mexican food in early August. Luxembourg night turned into pizza and home cooked Chinese food night 🙂 Up next: international potluck dinner!

Thorben got the contact of a guy who imports beef which started a little steak obsession in our house. Right now there are still around 3 kilos of beef in our freezer, and that is after 4 steak dinner parties … My role in these dinners: Make appetizers, salad dressing, bake dessert and don’t disturb the chef 🙂 Homemade avocado popsicles were also a big hit this summer.

I went to some more GGI events and shared the wine I brought back from Germany with friends. Thorben did a lot of exercise including running along the bund in this crazy heat and played archery every weekend. We also got celebrated the first birthday of archery in Shanghai with a big party. Just because I don’t play doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy lots of cake, right? Oh and of course we had to go to work here and there 🙂

Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

Saturday was the most important day of the year – my birthday – and it was the first one we celebrated in Shanghai. The day was mostly about food, surprise, surprise 😉

Presents and Brunch

My family sent a huge box of goodies for my birthday, including 4.5 kilos of chocolate – or that’s what the customs note said. Somehow Thorben managed to hide it from me for 2 weeks so it was quite the surprise. I also got 2 awesome paintings, which I’d been admiring at a gallery on our street. After presents we had brunch at Bull & Claw, my favorite brunch place. Or one of my favorites, it’s hard to pick in Shanghai. We brunched so much I had to take a nap after we got back 🙂

A Shanghainese Dinner

In the evening, we had a little dinner party with Shane, Morgane, Leyfa and Thorben’s parents, who arrived on Friday. Thorben hired a Chinese Chef through the app “ć„œćŽšćžˆ” (good chef). He came to our house with all the ingredients and didn’t stop cooking for over 4 hours. Most of the food was Shanghainese, so it was good Shane was there to explain them to us. It was quite a feast, I think we had 16 different dishes, I didn’t manage to take pictures of each one. But no matter how much you eat, at the end there’s always room for a slice of cake. Or two 🙂

Thanks for all the birthday messages, calls, presents and of course thank you to my party guests for celebrating with me! Turning 28 wasn’t so bad I guess 🙂

The Shanghai Supperclub

The Shanghai Supperclub

I read about the Shanghai Supperclub on another expat blog when I was doing research on life in Shanghai. They regularly have dinner parties and their slogan is “Stay hungry”. I’m always hungry and any opportunity to eat good food and meet new people who also love food sounds good to me. I signed up for the mailing list when we got here and so far we’ve been to 2 events.

The Social Table

The first one we went to was a “Social Table” event in June: According to the invitation it was the longest table they have ever had. It took place in a big tent outside of the Jing’An Kerry Center, so very convenient for us.

After a welcome cocktail we sat down and had a yummy 5 course dinner. They have a different chef every time and that time it was the chef of elEFANTE, a Spanish restaurant in Shanghai. It was quite an international crowd: Around us we had people from Mexico, France, China, Germany and Australia. The food was good and we had some interesting conversations.

A Supperclub dinner

The next invitation came in the beginning of August and it was for one of the traditional Supperclub dinners. Usually they have a dinner party every month and you can “apply” if you want to attend. Then they select 10 people and each person brings one guest so it’s 20 people in total. This time, if you were interested you had to reply to the question “If you were a cocktail, what would it be?” A guy we met there told us he has been to around 8 dinners in the past few years and he got invited every third to fourth time he signed up. So lucky us we got to go on our first try 🙂

The location changes every time and remains a secret until 2 days before the event. The August dinner was at Warehouse Cafe at Anken Air. We had a fun evening and met some nice people from all over: China, Hongkong, the UK, the US, Italy, Germany (we are everywhere) … The menu is also kept secret until you sit down at the table and read the card. Our chef was Jair Gudino Chavez from Mexico. He will be the head chef for Lago, an Italian place, which will be part of the Bellagio hotel (opening in September). The sneak peak we got was delicious so we’ll have to go check it out.