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What we did in Harbin besides the Ice and Snow Festival

What we did in Harbin besides the Ice and Snow Festival

While we really only came to Harbin for the amazing snow and ice sculptures, our tour also took us to some other places.

Siberian Tiger Park

The Tiger Park is home to several hundred tigers, some lions, ligers and also white tigers. The animals mostly walk around the park freely and seem to have quite a bit of space (at least compared to a zoo). There are two ways to see the tigers. First, we got on a big bus and drove through the huge park, seeing tigers as we went. To keep their hunting instincts alive, live animals, like sheep and chickens are fed to the tigers. We saw lots of feathers and a couple chickens being snatched away. Also, there is a caged in walkway, where you can both see and feed the tigers. We stuck with the chunks of meat though.

Songhua River

The Songhua River is where the ice for the sculptures comes from. We were told that the ice is several meters thick. We went there for the “Winter Swimming” performance, where crazy locals actually jump into the water. It was -25 degrees outside! You can also do all sorts of winter activities on the river like dog sledding or ice skating, some people even drive their cars on the ice.

Central Street

Our hotel was at the entrance of Harbin’s Central Street and we walked along there during both day and night. It’s a pretty street with some cool buildings and of course lots of shops. Because it’s Harbin, there are also some snow and ice sculpture lining the street.

St. Sophia Cathedral

The St. Sophia Cathedral is a 100 year old Russian Orthodox church in Harbin. It is now a museum for architecture and art and a good place to warm up in between the sights.

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

The main reason to travel to Harbin is of course the Ice and Snow Festival. It opens every year from the end of December to the end of February. There is no way I would voluntarily go somewhere so cold if there wasn’t something really impressive to see and we were not disappointed. While my phone stayed in my pocket the entire trip Thorben sacrificed the warmth of his fingers to take some amazing pictures.

Snow Sculptures at Sun Island

During the day we headed to Sun Island to see the huge snow sculptures. Those black dots in the pictures are people, that’s how big the sculptures are 🙂

Ice sculptures at the Ice and Snow World

The highlight of the trip were the massive, lit up ice sculptures. We got to the Ice and Snow world just as the sun set and the lights went on. I didn’t expect them to be so big, you could even walk up many of them. The sculptures were so impressive, I almost forgot it was -25 degrees 🙂 Words don’t really do it justice, so see for yourself: