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Shanghai Sights: Jing’An Temple

Shanghai Sights: Jing’An Temple

Jing’An Temple is a big golden Buddhist temple and the place our district is named after. It is our closest metro stop and the actual temple is a short walk away. We’ve driven past it many many times on our way to work and seen the outside lots of times. Still, it took me almost a year to finally go inside.

The first time I went was at the end of April when a colleague from Germany was in town.

… and I went again with my dad last weekend, so I thought it’s time to finally make a post about “our” temple.

Fun facts

The shrine at the entrance is really tall and people try to throw coins into it for good luck. Dad made it on the first (okay, it was really the fourth) try 🙂

Jing’An Temple was first built almost 2000 years ago, relocated to where it is now over 800 years ago but then used as a plastic factory during the cultural revolution. In the 1980s it was turned into a temple again and then got renovated in 2010, so that’s why it looks very shiny and new.

Shanghai Spring and a trip to the Botanical Garden

Shanghai Spring and a trip to the Botanical Garden

It’s spring in Shanghai! This winter was definitely the shortest I’ve ever had, another great thing about living in Shanghai. (I’ll just try to forget about the crazy heat and humidity coming up 🙂 ) For the past 10 days we’ve had really nice weather with 20-26 degrees, lots of sunshine and pretty spring blossoms.

Jing’An spring flowers

To take advantage of this we took a walk around our neighborhood Saturday morning. The platane trees are growing leaves again and there are lots of flowers and trees blooming in the streets and little parks around us.

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Sunday I headed to the Botanical Garden. Though I got a bit lost and it took me over an hour to get there is was worth it 🙂

They had lots of beautiful flowers and everything was already really green.

My main reason for going, was to see the blossoming trees and it was really amazing. It looks like we will miss the cherry blossoms during our upcoming Japan trip so luckily I already got my fix 🙂 Spring is officially my favorite season in Shanghai.

Our new neighborhood: Jing’an

Our new neighborhood: Jing’an

Our apartment and its neighborhood

The lease has been signed and if everything goes according to plan, I can already move in this weekend. That leaves some time to prepare everything until our air freight gets here. Once I get the key, I will of course take some pictures of the view from our 17th floor window.

We will be living in a residential area in the city center, you can see it highlighted in the map. The district is called Jing’an and just a little more than 320.000 people live there. Only half the people that live in Stuttgart – but with more than 14 times more people per square kilometer. The apartment is just south of the Yan’an Elevated Road, which is the road that cuts through the southern tip of Jing’an.

That leaves us close to districts like the French Concession or Xintiandi, and very close to sights like the Jing’an temple. In the area around the apartment are many bars and small boutiques were designer sell their own clothes.

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